Thursday, April 15, 2010

bikin' with the boss

About a year ago, Heckyeahwoman was the recipient of a sweet new (used) bike, courtesy of us at heck yeah, man. Since she got it in March (of 09), we've been riding pretty furiously ever since. No lie, her bike is pretty fast; and it was tough for me to keep up with her, on my shitty Schwinn mountain bike from 10 years ago (lol no it wasn't).

Eventually, she would let me ride her bike for a couple miles each time, and that turned out to be my undoing. Going from my crappy bike (fine), to her bike (heaven), and back to my bike (now shitty) it really started to suck, as I wanted to get a sweet bike for myself. And I perpetuated on it.

Fortunately, we got a really sweet deal on her bike; but unfortunately, there was no way I was going to find another deal like that. Because of my lack of patience, there was also no way I'd be waiting for one either. So I went shopping, and picked out a great bike at this awesome local bike shop. I worked with the owner, and he gave me a great deal, on top of his fantastic recommendation. All in all, a 10/10 experience.

So we'd been biking on local paved trails, until I got my new bike, then I decided to venture out, and do a little off-roading. Great choice.

First time I went out, the trail was a bit sandy for my tastes, and I wound up doing a superman over the handlebars, with the bottom 1/2 of my body landing on the bike. Somehow I managed to mangle my right leg to the point where one of the massive contusions made it look like I had 2 different calf muscles.

On one leg.

Fast forward about a year. We get a new VP at work, and as luck would have it, he also enjoys biking. Though he's more into brutal mountain biking, and kicking trails' asses like a mouthy wife. Finally, we found time to hit the trails RIGHT BY OUR OFFICE, after work one day.

I had my cyclocross bike, totally adequate for most off-roading, no suspension, pretty skinny tires, and drop handlebars. And then he pulls up in a GODDAMN STALLION OF A MOUNTAIN BIKE. This thing had DUAL SUSPENSION. Good Christ, even the suspension had suspension. And the tires. They were thicker than my thighs. This thing was ready to GO.

No worries, I'm fast as shit, I got this.

Well, as it turned out, I didn't exactly "have" this. But I did have a great time, and look forward to going again. Lol @ the boss getting so far ahead of me, he'd have to turn around to make sure I didn't get lost. Or die.

The next set of pictures, and narration, pretty much sum up the entire experience.

I pretty much made it the whole ride without incident. Until the final stretch. That kind of sucked, but it was totally worth it. No big deal, got right back up and started riding again.

At work, the boss is generally in good spirits, and the bike ride was no different. This picture was taken right after the scene from above happened (he's on the left). Not sure who that lady is, but who am I to argue with a little ROFLin' at my expense?!?!

Really the only minor injury I sustained.

Would I go off-road biking again? Absolutely.

UPDATE: I did go with him again, and I actually almost puked like 3 times. He was so far ahead of me, I don't think he noticed. Lol, at getting off my bike, and stopping for a second, totally ready to yack, right in the middle of the trail. We went longer and faster than the first time. Holy. Shit.

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