Friday, April 30, 2010

another party, another room emptier

Every once in a while our friends ****** and ****** have a party at their place. They always have a good one, with good beer in the keg, and really extra tasty food.

It's a great setup, great house inside, and a really nice porch to hang out on when it's nice. And yo, the keg's always on the porch. Since ****** is a smoker, she's usually hanging out there, with her little ipod speaker thing, tunes blastin'.

People congregate out on the porch, have a smoke, get a beer, talk for a minute, then generally go back inside. Since it was such a nice night out, we just stayed out there the whole time. When we got there, the ipod was pumping some gay bluegrass shit. That ain't get the party poppin'.

This get the party poppin', courtesy of my buddy ***-***'s iphone.

He plugs it in, puts on the song, and what the fuck, it's quiet. Easily remedied, as homeboy flips the volume up to 11.

15 people on the porch now become 10.

It's pretty loud. And awesome.

Whatever, great song. That seriously got things movin' out there.

Fast forward a couple hours, there's 4 of us on the porch (plus the other 8 or so that are just hanging out), getting loaded, taking turns, playing our favorite songs. I'm browsing through my buddy's iphone, and what a diverse selection of music he has! From Maroon 5 (we'll get there), to this little gem.

Now we're down to just 4 people on the porch.

Just 4 drunk assholes arguing about what song to play, playing a song, then one of us getting angry and switching it mid-song. That cycle continued for a while until I grabbed the iphone, put on Maroon 5, and started my own little sing-a-long.

BOOM! 1 person on the porch.

With that, I went inside and jumped in on the next game of Rock Band.

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Dus said...

haha, drinkin plus shufflin' tunes between friends is probably like, uh, my favorite thing EVER.

Way to keep it real, my meatman. Wish I was there to blast some HORROR BUSINESS or WHERE EAGLES DARE with ya. That party would have no faces, cause we'd have rocked them all off. Also, I'M ROCK HARD RIGHT NOW.