Monday, March 22, 2010

weekend wrap up

Holy shit. This weekend. Wow.

Things started off great when I left work at 3:30 on Friday. How can leaving work ever be bad? It can't. Heckyeahwoman had to defend her P-H-MOTHERFUCKIN-D late Friday afternoon; and I needed to be there when she finished, to help celebrate. So hell yeah, she passed, and she's a doctor now.

Had like a million bottles of champagne at her building on campus lol, then went to the bar to get some dinner/keep the party rolling. I have never seen Dr. Heckyeahwoman so loaded in my life.


And we've been dating for over 8 years. I don't even think she was that loaded on her 21st. At one point she was taking a shot of something green, and she said "it tastes like Kermit; it tastes kinda muppety". Then she had another shot that "smelled like potato chips". Her words, not mine. Anyway, yeah, she was pretty shitty. And we all had a great time.

She not only survived, but she didn't yak once. Great job, doctor.

Woke up Saturday feeling like shit. That didn't stop me from GOING ON THE WORST, HUNGOVER BIKE RIDE OF MY LIFE though. It was beautiful out. Other than fighting off the hangover shits on the bike trail, it was nice. No worries, by Saturday night, I was back and ready to party.

Saturday evening, we had to run over to our friend's place to feed one of her cast some meds. He's kinda sick, and she was out of town. Twatevz, we are happy to help, cause she helps us with our cat. And both of her cats are really cute and nice.

We get there, and the good doctor warms me: "el gato no quiere taking his pills, you hold 'im, and I'll feed 'em to 'im".

No worries, it's a sick cat, this shan't be too hard.

Wait, what? That's not the cat I remember. Hey kitty, you grew a little bit, and your teeth are GIGANTIC!

So Heckyeahwoman grabs him, and he's struggling a bit to get away. Right when it looks like he's about to escape, I reach down to catch him, and all of a sudden this little guy decides he wants to eat me lol. Maybe I put my finger right into his open, hissing mouth lol.

It happened so fast.

What happened so fast?


I'm not black or anything, but it looks like the fingers are telling a different story lol. Seriously, I never thought a finger could swell up so much. Or bleed so much.

Having a chuckle at my misfortune/profuse bleeding, Heckyeahwoman points at the blood dripping everywhere, and tells me to start cleaning up.


Yeah, you can't really tell from the picture we took, but our friend has a very nice, brand new apartment. Again, you can't tell from the pic, but she generally keeps it pretty clean.

The poor little guy probably got so scared when he saw a hulking figure an already shitty situation - being forced cat pillz. I don't blame him, I would have tried to eat me too.

After the trauma of the evening's events, we thought it best to just head home, and watch a movie. We watched Law Abiding Citizen, with Gerald Butler & Jamie Lee Fox. Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of Jaime Lee Fox, or his smarmy little smirk, but he was decent in the movie. Ok, no he wasn't - he was an asshole. But overall, I was pretty happy with the film, not necessarily a happy ending, but the good guy managed to kill a satisfactory amount of people before he died. No nudity though, bummer.

After a fantastic brunch Sunday morning, I pretty just moped around the apartment all day, in lieu of the oncoming work week.

What a weekend.


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