Monday, March 8, 2010

that's gay

1. Not sure what happened on Friday. I went on vacation on Thursday, and thought I had a post scheduled. Guess I was wrong. Guess I fucked up. Guess I fucked up again. So yeah, that sucks. Totally forgot to check the blog too. Guess I was too busy partying.

2. Today's post. I was going to just post Friday's post today, but I have a better story.

We took a long weekend, and went on vacation to Savannah, GA. It was awesome. Not counting driving time, I would venture a guess that we spent more time loaded than sober. Eat, drink, sleep, repeat. I've got some stories from the trip that are gonna make great posts. Oddly, this particular story is the last one that happened, chronologically. But it might be the best.

After a brutal weekend of fun, we drove back Sunday afternoon on a beautiful day. Barely getting out of Savannah, we were both feeling the hunger pangs, so what better place to get some NOMs than at SUBWAY.

FUCK YEAH, I forgot how tasty Subway is.

So we walk in, and are greeted by two of the creepiest looking motherfuckers I have ever seen. This long haired freak, wearing a beanie, with just the coldest, emptiest blue eyes ever. Almost a half smile stretched across his face. But not a full-on toothy smile, more like a smirk. Freaky lookin dude right there. I bet he was in his early twenties.

Other dude was a bit older, and probably the other dude's dad. He had the same thing going on, but his eyes weren't as cold. Or as blue. Still, very unsavory-looking characters. But yo, I'll tell you what was savory, those subs we NOM'd on.

So lol, Heckyeahwoman orders a roast chicken sub with all the veggies, but no peppers. No creepy, guy, no peppers - banana, jalapenis, or green. No peppers, thanks. She finishes it off with a bit of ranch, and salt & pepper. Tasty little sandwich she's got there. I know this not because I'm merely assuming it's tasty, because it appears that way. No, I know this because a couple hours later, I would help her finish it in the car - and at that time, my suspicions would be confirmed - the sandwich was very tasty.

I was up next, so I ordered a roast chicken sub with all the veggies. ALL THE VEGGIES, but no green peppers. But yes sir, I would like some banana and jalepenis peppers though. Some salt & pepper, and a little bit of olive oil, thank you. GD man, that sub was tasty. Unfortunately, I was a little hung over, so I couldn't put the whole thing down. Yes, not like me at all.

Anyway, what we ate has no relevance to the lols here. So when we walked in, a mother and child (maybe 3, 4, or 5) were there trying to figure out what to order. Politely, she asked us to go ahead and order, as they were still examining the menu. No biggie, we thanked her, and ordered.

See the picture below for an image featuring a mother and son.

Actually, on second thought, the mother and child duo looked more like the ones below, rather than the ones above.

It was while we were eating when Heckyeahwoman asked me if I heard what the child said to the mother. What? I totally missed it. But after she told me, we both got to ROFLing pretty furiously.

The following is her account of the brief exchange between mother and son.

Mother, holding her son as they look at the menu: It looks like they don't have pizza here.

Son: That's gay.


That's gay? A child said something was "gay"?

This kid was younger than 5 years old! How can he be calling anything gay!? How can he even know what gay means?

The family looked pretty suburban, clean cut, and nice enough - not really the type to be running around calling things gay. The mom was a skinny soccer mom type, minus both the minivan and the hotness. The dad was a skinny balding dude, wearing a polo shirt and dockers. The kid looked like a normal young child, and seemed well behaved.

I really have no explanation for what happened. But I can imagine that hearing a young child calling something gay in a Subway must have been quite a magical experience. And I'm blessed that Heckyeahwoman shared it with me.

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