Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HUMP DAY PUMP UP: one handed bandit

With the clue in the title, I have a feeling that most of you have an idea what band is going to be featured today. Ok, most of you probably have no idea lol.

Far be it from me to mock a man who was born with one hand, especially considering how awesome "Background Music" is. Actually, I don't know if he was born without it, or lost it in a violent accident. How much MORE would it PUMP YOU UP if you learned that he was fighting a gaggle of grizzly bears, lions, and great white sharks when he lost it?


Listen to this awesome song, and you decide:

While I may be typing this up on Sunday night, I'm gonna be no doubt watching this various times throughout Wednesday, so I'm gonna make a prediction. After arriving at work, checking my blog to make sure the post posted, I'm gonna watch each video, and get beyond PUMPED. I'll probably have some tea, and then not being able to contain the PUMP anymore, call a brief meeting in the conference room. When everybody shows up, I'll have the projector hooked up, some speakers plugged in, and this song will be blasting and I'll be spinkicking the shit out of whoever dares come near.

After seeing this video, and watching the retards in the crowd, it makes me kinda embarrassed to listen to hardcore lol.

Whatever, don't let my embarrassment stop you from being PUMPED UP by today's awesome series of INSANE PUMP-INDUCING songs.

You sick of the shoddy quality of the live videos? Here check out this song in it's album version glory:

Bottom line, if you were born with one hand, would you just sit around and cry about it, or would you join a band, and embark on a life long (5 year) mission of PUMPING PEOPLE UP across the globe?

Of course you wouldn't! You'd be spreadin' the PUMP across the land!

Spread that PUMP across the rest of this week, and save some for the weekend.

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