Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ART WEEK!!! goes to college: notetaking 101

It was my senior year of college. My second to last semester, must've been Fall '03 - actually an ethics class haha. Anyway, I took it with one of my buddies, and a bunch of other sluts I knew from the Communication program.

The teacher was such a prick - just a petty, shitty little know-it-all.

So instead of taking notes, I drew. I created art. You should have seen some of the f'ed up stuff I drew lol. This isn't even the worst.

Pretty sweet.

Keeping with the butchery theme, I finished my next "piece".

So yeah, I have a bunch of other awesome drawings, but they were pretty gross lol. Heckyeahwoman totally advised me to not post them here. This one I drew, is actually pretty awesome, but again, a little over the top. Email me at if you want to see it - my favorite piece.

Tomorrow: THE BATTLE II.

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Tampa said...

Must see unposted

More ellipses for pic plz...