Friday, February 26, 2010

rough day

sleeping through the alarm, getting up late, trying to eat breakfast but the milk for your cereal was bad, but you already poured it all over your cereal, and you had another milk in the fridge cause you knew this one was about to sour, but you don' t have any more cereal, and you already poured the sour milk all over it, finally just saying fuck it, and going to the bathroom to take a dump and then a shower, but clogging the toilet and the air conditioning isn't working so you're sweating your ass off trying to unclog the fucking thing, then finally jumping in the shower but the hot water is all gone, trying to rinse off shampoo in freezing fucking water, whatever, finally getting dressed but as you're zipping up your fly on your dress pants, you catch your wiener in it, getting a little blood on your khaki colored pants, but not having any clean/ironed pants to wear you go to work looking like an asshole, but then you look even more like an asshole when you show up to the meeting late, and everybody thinks you're a retard, then your boss calls you in to her office to talk about one of your accounts, and how they want to cancel their contract with you, and finally the frustration has reached its peak and you explain that it's not your fault, that if the STUPID FUCKING CUSTOMER WASN'T SUCH A FUCKING BITCH, there wouldn't be a FUCKING PROBLEM, then getting fired, and realizing it's only 8:45 AM, and there's a whole lot of the day left for you to fuck up, and based on what everybody else tells you, you're gonna fuck it up UNAPPREESH.

i feel so free.


Anonymous said...

Christ.....I'd move to Utah!!!

-uncl Mike

Tall Tampa said...

Take a breath son. Good post. Been there done that - with running out of TP to top it off. Ever use the roll to wipe?