Monday, February 22, 2010

bush 04 / obama 08

You see the graphics above.

What do they mean? What do they represent?

Let me clue you in: each graphic represents a president (-ial candidate) that is supposedly on the opposite end of the political spectrum, from the other.

In this here blogpost here right here, each graphic represents a bumper sticker.

On a car - the same car.

No lie, 2 different bumper stickers, 1 car. A dirty, white, little Toyota Corolla. I would guess late 90's to early 00's. Not too old, but not in the best shape either. The car was a little rusty, which I found odd, as we live in Florida and it really isn't normal to put salt on the roads, to take care of any ice. And we're not really that close to the coast where we'd catch the salt-water ocean breeze.

Pulling up behind the car at a stoplight, heading South on 441, I noticed this neat little paradox crookedly & dually placed on this shithead's bumper. Unfortunately, I didn't get a glance at what the driver looked like. As the light turned green, I swerved to the right, and blew by too fast to make out the gender, or any other defining characteristics, other than "probably human".

Another potential paradox worth mentioning, that has absolutely nothing to do with today's post: chicken marinara alfredo. The prospect of an alfredo marinara, or a marinara alfredo has my mouth watering. Sadly, as this relates to a delicious, succulent, tender piece of chicken, I believe that both alfredo & marinara are mutually exclusive - outside of just dumping a little bit of both canned sauces on top of said piece of chicken.

OK, I'm rambling.

Back to the car.

The presence of both a Republican, and a Democrat, bumper sticker tell me that this car probably had different owners. Also, the rust clues me into the fact that this car has spent some time out of Gainesville - either up north, or on the coast somewhere. It is totally plausible that the first owner lived in one of the two places, and had the G-Dubya sticker on there already. Do I need to mention the potential impossibility of the Obama sticker being on the car before the Bush sticker? Didn't think so lol.

No doubt, the car lived a hard, salty, neoconservative life, but for whatever reason the owner decided to get rid of his or her trusty little riceburner. Wait, did I just say riceburner? I thought all Republicans were racist and only bought American! Hey, previous owner, if you're reading this, you're not being a very good Republican! Or maybe you didn't know that Toyota Corollas aren't made by Ford.

Whatever, so the previous owner sold the car, to presumably whoever put the Obama sticker on there. Makes sense, right? But why would an Obama supporter drive a car around with a Bush sticker on there? I thought all Obamaniacs fervently hated G-Dubya (lol @ losers counting down the days on facebook). I could see the new owner not caring at the time of purchase, only to hatefully scrub that sign of the devil away upon arriving home. Maybe this is the driver's way of supporting Bush's third term.

Or more likely, the car was a hand-me-down from a parent, or older sibling, to a fresh driver's ed graduate, who as they say, "just ain't give a fuck". Who knows.

I don't know if the driver was from Gainesville, or if she was just passing through. Totally wish I would have snagged a pic though. Local readers, keep your eyeballs peeled for this dirty white, riceburning, pseudo-contradiction on wheels.

There really wasn't much of a point to this blog, other than for me to describe what I saw on my way home from work last Thursday. lol

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