Monday, January 11, 2010

a series of short videos

Hope everyone had a nice little weekend. I did, it was a little low key, but still had a good time. I could be locked in the bathroom all weekend, smearing myself with shit, and it would still be a good weekend. Obviously, because I wouldn't be at work.

With that said, lets get to the lols, friends. At some point this weekend, I was lurking, and came across some article where the coach of the Kansas State basketball team apparently hit one of his players. Yeah, he hit some kid.

But it wasn't like a knuckle sandwich; it was like a backhand, couple finger slap on the player's upper arm. Guess it was some big deal because it was on the front page of ESPN, and the coach felt the need to apologize. Naturally I tried to find video of this, but instead came across this sweet vid:

Lol @ that little tap.

Of course there were a bunch of "related videos" that I had to check out. Like this one. Watch the ref pick up the kid after the play is over.

Holy lol @ the flag coming in about halfway through. Are they gonna penalize the crazy dad 15 yards? Lol. More like penilize.

Most of you have probably seen this one before, as it made its rounds around the internetz a couple years ago. But keeping with the sports theme, this vid is a no-brainer.

Dude is pretty sure he isn't a homosexual, but I don't now, I think he liked it a little bit.

I don't know, I was searching for videos of coaches hitting players, players hitting refs, refs getting blasted, me pounding slores, and dads going crazy on refs, and out of nowhere - BAM! - this vid popped up.

This shit happens all the time with me.

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Dus said...

hahahha LOLz at the waitress gettin' doused in coffee and then beat down.

What a dumb commercial.