Thursday, January 28, 2010

old people lol

My brother and his girlfriend bought us a subscription to Consumer Reports, the magazine, for the holidays. Yeah, I know right, Consumer Reports, I'm always buying sweet shit, this should be dope as hell.

And it is.

I got the first issue, took it straight to the turlet, and ripped off a massive steamer while I read it. Very cool.

Anyway, I came across something peculiar. You know how most magazines have a section, usually in the beginning, consisting of letters from readers. You like how I left out the question mark there? It was actually a statement in the form of a question. I like it, and I'm going to try to do that more often.

From reading that particular letter, I deciphered that they did a special rating of a bunch of plasma and LCD TVs in their December 2009 issue. I must have missed it. I really did. Probably would have been sweet; cause I'm always shopping for a massive TV. I'm not talking some lame 42 inch whatever TV.

I'm talking like 60+ inches of pure plasma (or LCD) manhood. Something that when people walk into your living room, they are BLOWN AWAY. Something to blow minds.

I digress - so upon perusing the letters, I come across one referring to the TV ratings piece they did. However, the reader is kind enough to bring to the editor's attention that they overlooked a very important feature: the remote control unit.

I concur. I hate when you buy a big fuckin' TV, bring it home, get it all set up, and then you CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE THE GODDAMN REMOTE (control unit)!

But the reader continues on about the importance of the remote (control unit), and that "its quality is a key part of user experience". Features like how well the buttons are laid out, the size of it, as well as the size of the buttons, and its ergonomic design, among other things. Of course this is all doubly important for older people like herself, she notes.

It would have been nice if Consumer Reports would have had the foresight to cover something so importa-wait, what?

And then there it was:

The editor's note/response.

And in the most sullen, somber, and matter-of-fact tone ever, the editor responded. Well, as sullen, somber, and matter-of-factly as you can convey in a typed sentence lol:

"In our Ratings (lol @ the capital R, you twinks), the remote control score takes into account a remote's shape, and the layout, labeling, and size of its buttons".

Pretty much everything the old lady missed. Old people lol.

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