Friday, January 29, 2010

i'm so sorry for this

Let's go back in time, back to a couple days ago. Yeah, that's right. I had a couple different posts all typed up for today. But then something happened.

Something changed.

I came across these youtube videos of this retarded ginger kid losing his mind. I don't know why he's so angry, but the fact is, he's angry.

This post will consist of only a little bit of my famous witty banter, with the bulk of the lols being brought to you buy a chubby, red-headed virgin.

If you feel like you got ripped off, I am truly sorry. I just thought, I don't know, after watching these videos, that they would be the perfect post for a Friday. For this Friday.

Anyway, these videos need to be seen, and what better day than today? Exactly. It's Friday, man; so go ahead, watch these videos, ditch your shitty turkey breast and spinach salad with just a bit of olive oil as dressing, hit the pizza buffet for lunch instead, have a soda even though you never drink soda, slack off all afternoon and fall behind on your work, leave at 4:59 and skip the gym, head to happy hour, get loaded, drive home, get in a drunken car accident and kill a family of four you asshole, get thrown in jail & booked for DWI, have your parents post your bail, let your life fall apart. Relish it.

So...uh, here are those uh, videos I was talking about.


Holy shit lol, I had this all typed up and ready to post, but as I previewed the final draft of this post, I decided to watch the video (above) again. I only made it till like 29 seconds in, when the school bus drives by in the background hahahaha. What a psycho: this dude's all in a rage outside, in his neighborhood, presumably right outside his house in what looks like the fall. Wow.


Have a great weekend!


the heck yeah, man team.

This is def worth watching.


Dus said...

yeah this ginger douche vid has been circlin' round the ol office lately. It's funny cause we work with this gigantic ginger douche guy, lol nobody likes this fucker, goddamn gingerbread man piece of shit account manager dude guy who does nothing all day but steals the credit for other people's hard work oh my god i want to slaughter him such a douchey ginger bastard asshole i'm pissed now thanks man this post just got me all riled up and pissy and fuck. Lunch, ruined.

Anonymous said...

That remix was solid-gold!