Wednesday, January 13, 2010

chill it out to pump it up

I thought it would be appropriate to kick today's HDPU off with 2 of the most covered topics here: the gym & farting.

Sometimes, to get really and totally pumped up, you gotta slow it down a little bit to speed it up.

And that's the plan for today, Sally. Today's HDPU-sponsored band is Chamberlain.

Easily one of my favorites. And the best part is, you can actually listen to these videos!

That's right, no death metal, no hardcore - just awesome rock. No yelling, no blastbeats, no screaming, no breakdowns, no gurgled vocals, just a fantastic singer and some great guitar work.

Oh you've never heard of them?

Haha, well that's because you're an inbred little turd that's lived a shelturd life, you fuck up!

This song is called "Manhattan's Iron Horses". What that means, I have no idea. Actually, I don't really know what the fuck this asshole is singing about most of the time. His lyrics are influenced by his faith, and a whole lot of other artsy, poetic shit. With that said, I don't really give a shit what the songs are about, but goddamn he's a great singer though. Anyway, this song is probably the most upbeat tune they do.

Listen to this nice little boner jam, "Hey Louise". Who the hell is Louise? Rumor has it that when they were on tour, the whole band ran a train, multiple times, on some chick from Saint Louis, named, you guessed it, Louise. I'm pretty sure that story isn't true at all, cause I just made it up; anyway, that's what this song is about.

It's funny, the band is broken up, but they all have their own solo projects, and other bands; and they always make sure to play shows in Saint Louis.

The song is mellow and catchy, and generally won't make my gym playlist, but when I put it in the context of what I just told you about, yo my testosterone levels are THROUGH THE ROOF WHAT.

On the album, "The Moon My Saddle", this is like seven and a half minutes of awesome. Here, it's just over four minutes of awesome. Do you like awesome? This one's called "Until the Day Burns Down". I don't know why you'd want the day to burn down.


There's a message here; there really is. And it's totally appropriate for HUMP DAY PUMP UP: Perseverance.

Yeah, that's the message.

Chamberlain was a rock band from Indiana, they never made it big, but managed to make a couple awesome albums. The various musicians have gone on to release solo albums, and they keep plugging away. But it's the former singer, David Moore, who seems to have had the most success. That's right, he recently released an album of VH1-style adult contemporary music.

If you persevere, keep your PUMP LEVELS on HIGH, someday you may be able KICK THE SHIT OUT OF THE REST OF THE WEEK/release an album of adult contemporary music.

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