Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Good news, it's my brother's birthday, and I think he's turning 30. Wait, I'm his older brother, and I'm only 28. Shit, I can't remember.

Even more good news, he loves the band, Dragonforce; so here's a sweet Dragonforce video for you, brother. I don't even like this band that much, but he fucking loves them. This song is pretty badass though.

Oh, what's that you say? You don't like this song and think it sucks?

Well, not only did my brother work at a karate store, where he got 13 different blackbelts, but he also thinks you're a fucking pussy cocksucker who's gonna get what's coming your way.

Don't believe me? Here, check it out, here's a picture of my brother giving a bunch of people exactly what's coming to them. Can't wait to see the look on your face when my brother is breaking your kneecap with a brutal kick, while slicing your throat like a hot knife through butter with his mini-dagger thing that he carries around.

Rumor is, the only reason he didn't brutally slice up the weirdo in the red shirt is because by the time he got to him, he had to release a massive slider, and there simply wasn't time to do both. Note that the dude's shirt is no longer white; but it's now red, from all the bloodstains.

Oh yeah, I totally forgot, your gift is in the mail!

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Disguy said...

The dude's head on the ground and the other one of the arm with what looks like a turkey leg are awesome.

I mean AWESOME! Happy birthday Sa--err HYM's BRO

Who's happy it's your birthday?