Monday, November 15, 2010

free ATMs

This little gem has been hiding out at the bottom of my archived unpublished posts for months. Kinda got lost in all the awesome, I guess. Anyway, don't have a lot of time tonight, so I'm just gonna do some quick edits and post this old ass one.

I recently read an article about Democraps in Congress wanting to cap ATM fees at fifty cents. Having paid anywhere from $1.00 to $9.99 myself, and with the national average ATM fee at $3.54, I think we would all probably love to pay less each time we access our money at an ATM.

Aside from the initial giddiness most of would probably feel if this were to become a reality, the effect this would have on a given bank’s profits, what they would do to make up that money, and their revised business plan (a reduction in the number of ATMs), there is one other important question lingering that most people glaze over: who is the government to tell a bank how to run their business?

We must remember that an ATM is essentially a service that a bank offers to its customers. Yes, it might initially sound insane to pay to access your own money, but that’s the cost of having the convenience of doing it at one of the 425,000 ATMs across the country, rather than at your local branch, across town.

Last May, three Democrats proposed capping ATM fees at 50 cents. This was of course ended in the Senate, a week or two later, by Republican'ts, and the looming end of the floor debate.

Since this would be an amendment that many consumers would favor, it can be inferred that Republicans would block it just to remain partisan. Similarly, it could be argued that Democrats proposed it to win favor with consumers in the midst of upcoming November elections nationwide.

Do you think a more appropriate statement from the government would be to advise consumers that if they don’t want to pay ATM fees, they shouldn’t use an ATM - or is it OK for the government to strongarm its way into telling a business how to run its business?

If some asshole bank wants to charge me an arm and a leg to take out a little cash, that's totally their right. After all, I am an adult.

Don't want to pay ATM fees? Think they're too high? DON'T USE THEM THEN, YOU FUCKING PUSSY CRYBABY ASSHOLE; use your bank's ATMs for free.

The other day I drove to the bar, got loaded, got pulled over for drunk driving, got a $1500 ticket, got my license suspended for a year, and I'm pretty pissed off about it. Forget calling my lawyer, I'm calling my senator!

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Crack Slore said...

I usually just get cash back at the Pube-lix if my bank is not handy. ATM fees are for mongoloids. And I mean that in the most liberal way possible.