Friday, December 4, 2009

want ad

Does anybody want a free, bald, dead ferret?

It is time for our beloved Scab to move to a different home. Our lifestyle has recently become incompatible with pets at this time. By constantly shitting on the floor, and taking up space, she has become absolutely useless, and ultimately, worthless.

But she's really goddamn cute.

The final straw came when she laid a frothy, foamy diarrhea mess on the carpet. I immediately started up the lawnmower, flipped it on its' side, and threw that goddamn ferret right in the fucking grinder.

But she was really goddamn cute.

There is no cost, she's totally free - I will provide some food, a litterbox, a small cage, and a little bit of bedding. She's just looking for a good home, where she'll be loved for who she is.

Here's what's left of her, kind of hard to tell, but there's some chunks of fur and skin in there somewhere. I'll even clean up the lawnmower, and throw that in too!

Please send any inquiries to, thank you for your interest!

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Anonymous said...

My family would be very accepting of this new pet. Especially around Christmas. What a great gift!!