Monday, December 14, 2009

nothing says i love you like a new car

I just saw a commercial for Hyundai cars, and I heard something about "are you making your list? are you checking it twice?"

I don't know about you, but I think I can, and yeah I'm going to go ahead and reasonably infer that they are marketing the idea of asking for a brand new Hyundai for Christmas. Of course, this is under the assumption that the giving of said Hyundai is a realistic expectation.

Now I don't know, but the people who can afford to give someone a FUCKING NEW CAR for Christmas, are most likely, not giving Hyundais. Nothing wrong with a Hyundai - I actually rented a Sonata one time, and it was really awesome. Unfortunately, it was too fuel efficient for my tastes, as I prefer a gas guzzler that is just hemorrhaging motor oil.

But that's just a personal preference.

But I think the people that are giving new cars as Xmas gifts, are giving sweet rides like Lexuses, Mercedes, and Beamers.

After seeing that commercial, it really got me thinking: I need to step up my gift-giving this year. And what better way to step it up, than with a HYUNDAI ELANTRA!


Heckyeahwoman, I love you so much that I bought you this BRAND NEW HYUNDAI ELANTRA!

Look at that thing! I wouldn't be surprised if those were 13 inch spinning rims.


Some of you may take offense to my perceived mocking of the fine Hyundai Elantra line of cars, but know this, the last time I mocked a lower cost car, it was at work. And little did I know, it was one of the managers I report to that drives a shitty Kia. Truth be told, that particular manager was THE BIGGEST RETARD EVER, and it was a GODDAMN INSULT TO HAVE TO ANSWER TO THAT WORTHLESS ANIMAL. So I didn't, I avoided her calls, and never got back to her.

Anyway, we were on a conference call with her, and a couple other reps; and I was mocking the entire brand of Kia cars. I think I was comparing one of our shitty competitors to them. Then this seahag pipes up how she drives a Kia. Shortly after, another loser pipes up about how he drives a Kia.

Most people would feel awkward in this situation.

Not me.

I felt pumped up cause I obviously let them know that I drive a BIG SWEET FUCKING RIDE AND MY CAR IS AWESOME.

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Anonymous said...

"MY CAR IS AWESOME....when i can get it out of park"