Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i'm a college student

And money's tight. I try to save money whenever I can.

That's why I bought a Ford Escape Hybrid. The money I save on gas, because I don't have to worry about working part time, lets me really focus on what I'm here to do: tend to my studies.

I'm really interested in going green, that's why I bought a hybrid. I love that it's better for the environment. Also, when it's nice out, I ride my bike to school; and when the weather is crappy, I take the bus. I'm a huge believer in public transportation.

It's great, really the only times I need to drive are the few times a week I run errands, like when I go grocery shopping. I also drive back home a couple times a semester for the holidays. So drastically cutting back on how many miles I drive every year, really makes me feel good about my contribution to helping the environment. It's great very rarely having to drive anywhere!

It think my total yearly mileage is right around 4,000! Getting like 35 mpg is so much better than the Honda Civics I looked at; they got like 30 mpg. Even though they were like $15,000 less, I think I made the right decision. And besides, when I tell people I drive a hybrid, idiots are really impressed!

I'm really happy about purchasing a brand new $31,000 Ford Escape Hybrid, and being able to save so much in gas every year.

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