Wednesday, December 23, 2009


You know how when you go to a show, or you put on a cd, usually the first song you hear is gonna PUMP YOU UP the most?

It's awesome. It gets me so PUMPED UP.

This is going to be a collection of the most bad ass, PUMP UP intros ever.

Besides, let's face it, most of you don't watch the videos that I post anyway. So let's skip all the bullshit, and only pay attention to the best part - THE BAD ASS AWESOME INTRO.

It's hard to describe what makes a good intro, especially good enough for a HDPU, but it's the feeling that you get when you hear it - like you know things are about to get nuts.

Motherfuckers are about to go off.

Some of you may remember my good friends, Behemoth, from last week's HDPU. They're so awesome that they began the 2005 cd, "Demigod", with this song, "Sculpting the Throne ov Seth". Fuck yeah, they used "ov", instead of "of". Listen to the acoustic guitar intro, and when the guitars kick in, oh shit it's going down *******.

Little known fact about this album, but when the band was in the studio recording this song, it actually took them three (3) days. Three (3) days to record one song. Not because the music is so difficult, but because every time they'd get like 30 seconds into it, they'd be so PUMPED UP THAT THEY WOULD JUST DROP THEIR INSTRUMENTS AND START ABUSING THEIR WIVES AND GIRLFRIENDS FUCK YEAH.

This next little jam is short and sweet. Being less than 10 seconds, the intro comes and goes pretty quickly. If you're truly a PUSSY that's blind to the PUMP, then you'll probably miss it. I think most of the awesome found here comes from the fact that the song itself, PUMPS me up so much.

You'll notice the song is called, "To an End", by Strife. In the liner notes of the album, the band mentions the meaning of the song: "We just wanted to write a short, hard song about overcoming adversity or something, and instead we wound up inadvertently writing an anthem for the underPUMPED UP. In "To an End", we are referring to the end up being a pussy". Nice little tidbit of hardcore knowledge right there.

Up next, we got my boyz, Shipwreck AD, with "Squall". Listen to the first 40 seconds, and let that be the fuel for your own little personal rat race/inner turmoil. Lol, I typed that.

The double bass at 0:33 gets my blood PUMPIN'. Double PUMP! Being so PUMPED UP gets my blood PUMPED UP too! I love the first 30 seconds, but knowing what's about to happen at 0:33 really gets my goat. Check it out, you won't be sorry.

Well, unless you accidentally get so PUMPED UP that you pull a BRITTANY MURPHY or some shit.

Finally, what would be an "AWESOME INTROS"-themed HUMP DAY PUMP UP be without the next song? Shit. It would be shit.

Press play.

Don't think twice.

Because it's a live video, there is a little intro of the dude talking, but listen to the feedback - you know what's about to happen. The album version of the song had no intro, but that' doesn't matter because the beginning of the song is awesome. The middle of the song is awesome. The only shitty part is when it ends.


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