Tuesday, December 15, 2009

garbageman cometh

I don't know if I already told this story, but even if I did, this time it comes with art. Sometimes, it's like, I'll be going through some rough drafts of posts, and be totally ready to schedule it to be posted; but then I realize it's missing a little something.

Nine times out of ten, that something is ART.

The other time, well, who gives a shit.

All ten of you have been reading my blog for probably over a year, so you know that quite a bit of the posts are about my experiences at the gym. Having been a member at Gainesville Gym for just over 4 years now, I've pretty much seen everything.

Well, everything that you can see at a gym.

Well, everything besides a clean bathroom.

Ok, and everything besides luxurious amenities.

One time I even saw some old dude have a stroke, and really hot EMT chick come in to cart him off on a stretcher. RIP, brother in iron.

But I don't care, I love that place. It's awesome, all the people are nice, I never have to wait for anything, the owners are awesome, and it's a great place to work out - if you're not a fucking shitdick pussy.

I signed up in like November 2005, for a year, so I could get the pay in full discount. I'll never forget the previous. fat-ass owner telling me 9 months into my PREPAID YEARLONG MEMBERSHIP, that I was past due, and I should probably pay him.

What a dick.

Must have been around that same time I saw this very tall & lanky dude start coming in. He would usually come in when it wasn't very busy, not dressed at all in athletic gear. I'm talking tight jeans, and ugly button down collar shirts. Damn, the dude must have been like 40 years old, and I think he was also mildly retarded.

I don't for sure know, because I've never said a word to him.

But he would come in, walk around all lanky-retard-like, and usually do a couple sets of curls. Then he'd disappear into the bathroom for a bit, and then POOF! - he was gone.

But the thing he always did, without fail, was: he'd walk by the garbage can, and use his foot to stomp down the garbage. Just one skinny leg, pushing down with all of it's might, pushing that garbage straight to hell.

And then when he was done, the satisfied look on his face was just priceless. So proud of what he had done.

But what exactly did he do?

Well, he stomped the garbage down a little bit, presumably prolonging whoever's job it was to take the garbage out, by maybe a day.

First time I saw this, I immediately thought, "holy shit, what the hell is that goofy bastard doing?"

Second time I saw, I thought, "holy crap that's weird".

I don't know, does anybody else think that's kind of weird?

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TallDude said...

The art keeps me comin' back you sonofabitch.

Great work!!