Monday, November 9, 2009

people we hate, volume 1

We had a couple people over the other night, and somehow we started discussing this group of people that we all agreed that we hate. No, not FAT PEOPLE; FAT PEOPLE get a break for today. We were actually discussing a totally different group of people.

A degenerate group of people that I, that we, really despise.

Not being totally sure how I was going to start this one out, I was going to use the line, "YOU ARE A FUCKING DOUCHEBAG". That's kind harsh though. Harsh, but true. Still, I didn't want to be that bold.

Anyway, the people we hate are "world travelers". What exactly is a world traveler? These are people that enjoy traveling, people that "love to travel, man". People that on facebook, list "traveling" as an activity or interest. People that brag about where they've been, around the world. People that take shitty, cheap vacations, just to say they've been there. And then they say they've been there. Then they tell you again.

Then they talk about how awesome it was when they rode a bus to Amsterdam and slept in the gutter for a couple nights.

I'm sure everybody knows somebody like this. Oh, he's a "traveler", he loves to "travel". NO YOU FUCKING RETARDS, YOUR DIPSHIT FRIEND JUST LIKES TO TAKE VACATIONS.




And what's so awesome about vacations? For many, its means not being at work. For others, it means just another chance to brag to your dullard friends about the time you were in 3 different time zones at the same time in Europe, all while taking a train through India.

Listen dickheads, let me break it down for you: everybody can travel. Not everybody does. Just because you went to Europe and slept in a bus stop, that doesn't mean that you're cool. Personally, I think you'd be really cool if you slept in a hostel and got brutally murdered, like the movie, you FUCKING PUSSY.

As kind of a sidenote, you know what goes hand in hand with being a world traveler? Being an artsy-fartsy douchebag that likes reading books. I like reading books.

Rather, I used to like reading books...yep, right up until I decided to write this post. Just thinking about "avid readers" really pissed me off. It pissed me off so much that I hate reading now. Man, and I used to enjoy it too.

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