Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Last week's HDPU was largely inspired by my friend's valiant attempt at supplying me with great HUMP DAY PUMP UP material. Because he's awesome, and concerned with getting you PUMPED UP; and I'd only surround myself with friends that want to PUMP PEOPLE UP, he admitted that he dropped the ball, and wanted to make amends.

So he did just that, by sending me a facebook message with the following:

"So since I dropped the HDPU ball this week I want to redeem myself. Now feel free to shoot this down, but if watching Rocky Marciano knock dudes out while Metallica is playing doesn't get you pumped......well there's no way it couldn't."

Not just talking the talk, homeboy is walking the walk; he included a 100% CERTIFIABLY BAD ASS VIDEO:

I don't even like Metallica that much, but I guess my friend does, and that PUMPS ME UP.


It's just like 5 minutes of this dude knocking motherfuckers around like woah.

Thank you, dude who has the same name as me, for hooking us up with this ridiculously awesome HUMP DAY PUMP UP video.

On with the pump friends, you want a little ARGENTINIAN HARDCORE to GET YOU MOVIN'?


The name of this song couldn't be more appropriate; translated into "the time is now (motherfuckers)", they are obviously referring to the best time for YOU TO GET PUMPED UP. Ok, I added the "motherfuckers" part, sorry.

Here they are again, letting you know that "the family never dies". Kinda cheesy upon first read, but think about it for a second. If "the time is now" to get PUMPED UP, and if your family is PUMPED UP, then yeah, "the family never dies".

Now for the biggest PUMP UP that we'll have for the next couple weeks: I have off on Thursday and Friday, this week.

Read that again.

Yeah, I only have a 3 day week of work this week! HOLY CRAP, MY BOWELS ALMOST MOVED JUST THINKING ABOUT TYPING THAT. True story here, but my bowels are gonna actually move as I type up this sentence about how much food I'm going to eat, with the end result being - yep, my bowels actually moving.

I'm not talking like lumbering, glacial movement either. Nah, that ain't me. I'm talking about violent, projectile bowel movement. Fast, sharp, and with intent to injure, yeah that's how I do it son.

GET PUMPED FOR THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY! Eating, shopping, drinking, familial gathering, trying to stab your friend because he just broke your umbrella, getting loaded at other peoples' houses, man I love the start of the holiday season!

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