Thursday, November 12, 2009

a couple headlines

I was perusing the news the other day, and I came across some totally bullshit headlines. Truth be told, it wasn't actually the other day, it was like over 6 months ago. I was just going through some of my old ass notes, and found this little gem right here. (omg omg political content coming up)

Bill O'Reilly is boycotting Sean Penn's films

Let me get this right: Bill O'Reilly thinks so much of himself, that he is going to announce that he will be boycotting a fellow entertainer's films. I personally wish they both would boycott life. Wow. More like Bill O rly.

I really hate Bill O'Reilly. He's such a dipshit. And worse, people take him seriously. I guess that would make me a dipshit for taking him seriously enough to hate him.

Whatever, this is my blog, and I'll contradict myself all I want. And then when you point out my my ineffible wrongness, I'll just talk louder than you. That's right motherfuckers.

Panel: Test all teens for depression

She's testing him right now! Are you depressed, buddy? Is your small ween depressing?

Maybe they should just skip the testing and go right to the heavy medicating.

The Root: Is it OK that Serena posed nude?

You tell me, is it OK that this thing posed nude?

Jesus Christ that's disgusting. The Root is horrible and racist, and the only reason to read it is for the lols. In fact, I should just copy and paste an article from there for my next blog post lol.

New Formula Raises Poverty Figures

Wait, what happened to the old formula? What was wrong with the previous one? Sounds like somebody's cookin' the numbers! This formula makes poverty worse than the old formula! Let's use this one!

Change we can believe in! Hope for change!

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