Thursday, October 22, 2009

the movie "waiting"

Maybe you remember this movie, maybe you don't. It's about some kids that wait tables. It's a comedy.

The reason for this blog is, maybe you remember, but the part where the character played by Justin Long gets a shitty tip is 10/10.

This may not mean much if you've never waited tables before, but he ended up getting a shitty tip from a couple of rednecks.

Ultimately he ends up telling the hick customer to 'keep the change' because obviously 'you need it more than I do'.

This movie came out in like 2005.

I actually had this very same experience (as a waiter, you shithead) in 2002. I had some shitdick leave me just over a dollar and a quarter for a tip. I don't give a fuck if you're just having a beer; but if you're gonna sit in my section, you're gonna give me a tip bigger than $1.25.

I counted the money, saw the travesty, and immediately headed out the door to follow this deadbeat. They were just leaving so I handed him his change, and told him that he 'needed it more than I did'.

It felt great! But the strangest thing was that he never said a thing to my boss. He must have been embarrassed.

What a shithead.

I've got some stories from the time I worked at the Applebee's in the hood. I worked with some cool ass people, but the clientele was so shitty. Maybe next week I'll tell you about this little shitface that wanted more buffalo sauce. Then he wanted more ranch. Then he wanted another napkin. Then he wanted another fork. Then he wanted more soda. Maybe I'll tell you about that another time.

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