Thursday, August 13, 2009

a picture is worth a thousand wordz

Wow, after that PUMP UP from yesterday, I am still SO PUMPED UP. Not only did we have an AWESOME HUMP DAY PUMP UP POST, but my brother and his girlfriend FLEW IN FOR A VISIT HOLY SHIT I'M SO PUMPED UP RIGHT NOW AND IT'S NOT EVEN HUMP DAY ANYMORE.


OK, down to business.

It seems there was some confusion over one of my posts from last week. "heat doesn't always rise", is the name of the post in question. I guess some of my readers weren't exactly sure what was going on with the whole black cloud of plague that so forcefully descended upon my half-clothed, tired body.

I managed to put together a few pictures that faithfully represent that fateful night.

Below, we have a side view of me laying in bed, as the cloud-of-shit-in-gas-form attempts to suffocate me. You see the fan forcing a vacuum of ass-emission over me. It's all I can do to stave the stench off. That fan musta been mighty powerful.

Next we have a nice top view, sans the deathcloud. I'm laying there, pushing up for my life as hard as I can. Sweet abs, lats, pecs, ect., bro.

What we're seeing now is a top view with the entire cloud enveloping not only me, but the bed too. God it was horrible. I couldn't breathe. As you can tell from the first pic, the cloud has now gotten considerably more dense. It is here that the cloud is at the point of being oppressive.

Also worth noting: our sheets aren't totally that color. Actually, they're closer to a poopish color, but I had to alter them a bit, so you could really get the brutal vibe from the cloud. The comforter isn't actually orange either, it's a nice deep red; again, I slightly changed the color to differentiate from the other colors in the picture. I hope you can forgive me.

Either way - rest assured, the vivid color scheme of our bedding looks fantastic in our bedroom.

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Dus said...

i had a nice vision of the death-cloud scene in my head, but now thanks to your illustration, that vision has become disturbingly more crisp and vivid. thanks heckyeah-man!