Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HUMP DAY PUMP UP: scott vogel edition

Oh man, after that brutal post from yesterday, I need a PUMP UP more than ever. People seemed to like the non-hardcore HUMP DAY PUMP UP from last week.

Sorry to disappoint.

Today, I really need the hardest, most brutal, awesome PUMP known to man. And that PUMP comes in the form of BURIED ALIVE. Whenever times are tough, and things are looking difficult, there's always one man you know you can turn to: Scott Vogel. This man is a walking PUMP. We might make this a continuing mini-pump-series. I'm not sure yet.

This shit gets me so PUMPED UP that I don't even know how I'm able to sit at my desk and work today. My head should be exploding. It's never easy coming back into work from vacation, but if you watch the whole video, you'll be able to fly, man.

Check out around 2:33.

One more PUMP for this shitty little Wednesday. Sorry, the video quality on this one kind of sucks. BUT THE PUMP UP IS STILL THERE. Watch now.

And you know what else? It appears our internetz are finally back up for good at home. PUMPED UP

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