Tuesday, August 11, 2009

facebook ruining marriages?

It's true - I am a glutton for punishment. You hopefully read my post last week about the Real Housewives' shows. Every morning, as part of my pre-actual working ritual, I browse msn.com. It's horrible.

It really is.

I don't take any of it very seriously, but sometimes I come across a gem, and I usually post something about it here. Today's title of lolworthiness: Facebook vs Spouse: How the Site Can Ruin A Marriage. Keep in mind that the article was written by a relationship counselor.

Anyway, take a minute and let that sink in.

First, if you let a site like facebook ruin your marriage, I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant to be.

What's the worst that can happen on facebook? Your wife lurks other dudes, looking for some dong? Well, if there wasn't facebook, there would be some other way for her to do this. Match.com; that 'true' site that always has those hot chicks in those skimpy outfits with their boobies hanging out fuck yea, or adultfriendfinder.com (sucks, don't bother, what a waste of time), etc.

Anyway, the article actually suggests 'unfriending' your spouses. While I don't technically have a spouse, I have a girlfriend of like 100 years; and I think it would be funny to see her keep popping up on the 'people you may know' lists. Yeah, motherfucker, I know her.

Check this snippet out:

"Jack, a new patient who has been married for eight years with two young sons, rails against Facebook: “Let’s see, yesterday my wife: Felt bloated, realized she has nothing to wear, posted yet another adorable photo album of our boys dressed as Jedi warriors, was missing Michael Jackson and, oh yeah … DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH ME!”"

I'm not married, but welcome to the married life, dickhead! Lol @ this shitdick crying about his marriage problems to a GODDAMN THERAPIST, instead of having an adult conversation with THE WOMAN HE PLEDGED TO SPEND THE REST OF HIS SHITTY LIFE WITH.

Ruh-roh, facebook jealousy:

"Another patient, Katrina, complains that her husband is constantly tracking her every Facebook move. “He’s always been the jealous type, but now he’s like a stalker. Every new friend is an interrogation.” Out of exasperation, she’s decided to deactivate her account, but feels angry and smothered. “It’s like I’m being monitored by the thought-police!”"

Well, if you hadn't been busted sucking every dude's dick within a 15 mile radius, I'm sure you wouldn't have these problems.

"So go ahead, unfriend your spouse. You might just gain a lover."

Wait, did I just read that? If facebook is causing a rift in your relationship, I'm pretty sure there would have been some other stupid issue just about to boil over.

I should have known the article was gonna be a wash, as I just read part of the author's 'about me':

Ian Kerner is a sex therapist, relationship counselor and New York Times best-selling author of numerous books

The NYT is horrible, and the only thing the emergence of sex therapists and relationship counselors has done, is boost the divorce rate. Ian Kerner, you are a FUCKING RETARD.

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carla said...

My favorite part: Do I really want to know that my wife is going to do something totally nutty like get a 2nd cappuccino?... what happened to the wild woman I fell in love with?

Is this reality ?? ha.