Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the continuation

Sooooooo, continuing where we left off from yesterday, I said a bunch of stuff about getting fired; and I began detailing my interaction with Mr. Asshole.

So there we were, just 2 men, in the bathroom, at the same time. No biggie.

Though, this asshole qualifying as a man is quite debatable.

I step up to the urinal after we exchanged our pleasantries, and he was washing his hands. This impressed me quite a bit. Usually you don't see guys like this washing their hands. I had him pegged as the kind of guy to hit the bathroom, not wash his hands, and immediately go searching for the first person to shake hands with.

What a dick.

So he's on his way out, and he opens the door to leave, but out of nowhere he decides to start a conversation with me.

I'm peeing in the goddamn urinal, the last thing I want to do is talk to some dickless fartsniffer about whatever the hell he was talking to me about. Oh, and the FUCKING BATHROOM DOOR IS WIDE OPEN.

Do you know why there are DOORS on the entrance to the bathroom?

I would guess, so that you can close them.

I'm not even shitting you when I tell you that I saw one person walk by, when this door was wide open. He's just standing there talking.

Finally, he decides to shut up and leave. GODDAMN FINALLY.

The only thing is, when decided to leave, he left the bathroom door still WIDE OPEN. I was still standing there peeing. Through the doorway, my weiner was partially visible for at least 20 seconds. holy lol.

I finish up, WASH MY HANDS, and walk back to my office thinking, "jesus, what a fucking dick".

I can't believe I stretched this out for like 2 posts. Holy shit I love my job.

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