Monday, August 16, 2010

cats in cages

This post is over a year old, somehow it never got posted.

We have our ferret cage reserved for our two (2) ferrets (RIP girls). Meow meow, our weirdo cat is pissed about that, and not only does she want a cage, but she wants to eat ferret food. I would love to keep her in a tiny little cage. In fact, the one time I locked her in one for an hour, she meowed so much her voice got a little hoarse.

Here is a picture of our cat eating the ferrets' food. In the ferrets' cage.

Look at that tank-ass, like we don't feed her enough. Maybe hit the treadmill, chubbs.

Another shot of the culprit. Notice the bright white, clean linens.

As she exits the cage, she looks both ways to make sure she's not about to get ravaged by two (2) ferrets.

What a weirdo.

1 comment:

Tampa Cat said...

Maybe, just maybe that's how she lost that leg.