Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shawtie from the gas station returns

Do you remember my post from just about a year ago, attn: shawtie from the gas station? It was pretty good. Well, as it turns out, I was getting gas last week, and I bumped into her (shawtie) again. And she was wearing the same clothes.

I guess some people at the gas station may have thought it was kind weird for me to be snapping pics, while she crawls on the hood of her car all suggestively. Whatever.

Dang, I never realized she looks kind of busted. I ain't mad at that; so I took it upon myself get my mack on:

me: "n we meet again, shawtie"

shawtie: "how u doin?"

me "mmmmm, jus' fine baby gurl, what it do what it do?"

shawtie: "how u doin?"

me: "i'm good. jus' gettin my fuel on"

shawtie: "how u doin?"

me: "oh yeah, im likin wut i'm seein'.

shawtie: "how u doin?"

me: "gurl, i'd like 2 get up close n personable witchu sumtime."

shawtie: "how u doin?"

me: "u like my ride shawtie, pretty fly, huh?"

shawtie: "how u doin?"

me: "dang, u ain't much 4 conversation, r u?"

shawtie: "how u doin?"

me: "oh fuck this, you're a retard. i'm outta here"

True story, this actually happened.

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Dus said...

bitch be dumb.