Monday, July 20, 2009

saturday night

Hey I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable weekend, lol. I know I sure did. Let's have a little recap of my Saturday night, and maybe a little Sunday, too.

Ok, check this spit out - we have plans to meet some friends at the new(ish) hipster-infested burrito joint in town. The place is really tasty, and they gots all kinds of awesome margaritas. So we met a gaggle of friends there, had some awesome tacos, and enjoyed a few more dranks.

So we're sitting on the patio there, enjoying a minty margarita, and I see some fat kid trying to climb a tree, just outside the restaurant. Naturally I point this out to everybody, "hey look at that fat kid climbing the tree omg lolz".

Heckyeahwoman immediately scolds me, "those are his parents right over there", as she points to the next table over. Luckily they didn't hear me.

Never wanting to be scene in the same place for too long, we decided to head to the local Saturday night karaoke bar. This place is awesome, there's one bozo who used to bring in an inflatable guitar every week. He'd sing a song, and stand there and strum his blow-up guitar. Man, that dude jammed so furiously.

Then one day we went, and we saw that he bought a real guitar. And by "real guitar", I mean a "really shitty Les Paul knock-off". Sure enough, when it was his turn, he would get up, sing horribly, and wail on that shitty little guitar. Fuckin' bozo.

There's this other dude, some kid that brings in his own karoake cds to sing along to. Not sure why I mentioned that; but neither of those dudes were there on Saturday.

How peculiar.

OK, so back to this past Saturday night - The karaoke lady that runs this shit gets on the mic calling for all the girls in the bar to get up there and help them sing. Probably some women's anthem, or something equally as LAME.

Sure enough, the song starts, and it's this shit:

So we got about 8 broads up there, singin' this song, thinkin' how empowered & awesome they are, havin' no idea that they just look like a bunch of drunk sluts, severely DTF. How empowering.

Of course we're all laughing at these trick ass hoez, and finally my friend leans over to me and says, "you know what that looks like up there?"

"No, what?" I ask.

"Looks like a line-up of bitches I wouldn't pound", he replies.

Lol, true that brother, true that. There were bunch of frat-bro douchebags hanging out, including this one dickbiting psychopath that was dancing and singing, and putting on a crazy show. Some of the girls thought he was cool.

Dancing like a fucking moron, and singing like the dude from Nickelback is never cool.

And oh yeah, Sunday. What happened Sunday? We went box hunting. Lol, not like a night out with the guys - actual cardboard box hunting. We're moving and we need boxes, so we drove around looking for dumpsters with boxes. We found a shitload.


Anonymous said...

HA! I know the dude with the inflatable guitar that is ALWAYS there doing karaoke...and he SUCKS. You think with all of that prop build up he would be a little decent.

Rick the Stick said...

inflatable guitar guy goes home to his inflatable girlfriend.