Monday, August 3, 2009

nah it's cool, you can leave the door wide open

You know how when you're at work, especially in a (very) semi professional environment, you kind of take everything that you do, and do it more conservatively?

Example: When you're home, you drink like a fish, and curse like a sailor; but at work, you tone it down. No drinking, and only light cursing.

At home, you may be farting like a motherfucker; but at the office, you kind of just keep it to yourself.

Well, we have an employee who apparently doesn't make that distinction - from home life, to work life.

Heading into the men's room for what I thought would be a run of the mill urination, I had no idea that what would happen, would blow MY FUCKING MIND.

No biggie, I just creep into the the bathroom, and encounter - let's just call him 'the asshole'. This son of a bitch is just an asshole. An illiterate, deaf, fucking asshole.

FYI - I'm not gonna name names, and I'm not gonna allude to who this asshole know, that whole 'people at work read my blog, and I'm not too sure just who, but I don't want to get fired over something as asinine as a blue comment on my own PERSONAL BLOG'. Yeah, that thing.

Actually, you know what? Fuck you, if you're reading my blog, and you want to fire me over it, be my guest.

It would probably only be a matter of time until I got fired for something equally as stupid, anyway.

So whatever.

Not gonna lie, I do like my job, and I work with some really awesome people. ******, *****, ***, and *******, alla y'all are awesome. Couple more shout-outs to *****, *****, ******, the entire ******** department, and of course, ******. My boss, *******, is awesome; she works way too hard, and is way too good at her job. I'm gonna keep the posi going, cause I got some great news last week: as of recently, our company is down ONE HUGE FUCKING WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT. Happy trails, you fucking loser! Best of luck.

OMG, holy crap I got sidetracked...where were we?

Oh yeah, so I had just entered the bathroom, and found Mr. Asshole just washing his hands. From the look (and scent) of things, it had been a reeeeeaaaallll doozy.

I greet him with my generic, "what's crappenin'". Obviously not catching it, he greets me with the, "hi, how are you doing". Motherfucker didn't even have enough respect to throw a question mark on the end. Just a little inflection would have been nice, dick. lol nice dick.

And this is when it gets weird...

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