Thursday, July 2, 2009

intervention / apology / the pledge

This blog is going to be a little different. I'm going to go a little bit into the process of how I create a single blog I post a regular blog post. Lol, wrap ur head around that.

Every post I make starts out with an idea. This idea is usually an action, an interaction, or an observation. But please note, the idea may be retarded, juvenile, and/or really fucking stupid. Probably a healthy mix of all three.

In this case, it was a night out with a couple friends. What happened was, we were having a few beers, and one of the guys comes right out (of the closet), and he tells me that my blog hasn't been bringing the rofls lately.

I detect a sense of genuine concern, as he's been a reader since I started. Immediately, a wave of disappointment comes over me: I know he's right. It has suffered lately.

Literally a second later, friend #2 chimes in, with the same sentiment. And they nod their heads in agreement, while looking at me caringly - so as not to crush my heart.

It's OK, it's constructive criticism, I can handle it.

But what the fuck, this seems like a goddamn intervention - the way they were both in such sync with each other. It was like, the two of them, against the one of me. I mean, that's a fight I'd take any day. But not when it comes to my blog, man.

As they voiced their concerns with an air of seriousness, I knew this wasn't just some friendly insulting. I knew their concerns held water; and I appreciate the mature handling of the situation. We ended up parting ways that night with a much stronger bond, now that everything is out there. Whatever, I just went home, had some more whiskey, and went to bed with a nice little buzz.

So that's the bulk of what happened that night...the action, the interaction, or the observation that sets off a need to write about it. Then as soon as I get back to a computer, I'll start a new post, type a few words, phrases, or sentences, - a brief outline, if you will - and work on it when I have more time.

Here are the few phrases I had to work from, as I type this up now:

"goddamn intervention"

"i'm going to fucking kill the both of you"

Kinda cryptic, but THAT'S HOW I ROLL, SON. And finally that time comes where I'll have to get to work, and make this literary work of art 100% blog-ready.

Uh, so here it is:

As I sit here and type, I realize that yeah, my blogs are suffering. But why?

The only thing I can think of, is that I haven't been blogging at work like I used to. YES - that's it! I have been busier, and haven't just had time, man. Shoot, when I started this blog, that was the whole thing: I'd write hilarious blogs at work, while getting paid to do it. It was awesome. Some where along the line, I lost sight, and started doing more work.

I was wrong: I'm sorry for not doing my blogs at work; and I'm sorry for incorrectly choosing my work, my income, and my ability to take care of my family over my blog.

It won't happen again.

Bottom line: I promise to devote more time at work to my blog. FYI - I made this pledge on Monday, and already I have a shitload more awesome ideas - and the best part is that I got paid to think them up!


Anonymous said...

blogging while getting paid @ work = professional blogger. congrats, you made it!

Concerned Reader said...

Glad to see that you finally have your priorities in order!

And by the way, if your were looking for some drum lessons you should check this guy out.

Art Week said...

Bring me back!