Friday, July 24, 2009

happy birthday to me

Since tomorrow is my birthday, my Mom sent me a nice birthday card. Luckily, it came a little early - so I can share it with you!

Sorry again, you're gonna have to click it, to take in all of the awesomeness.

We're moving this weekend, and one of my good friends is coming up from Tampa, to help. We're pretty pumped about that, you should be too. I really hope the new landlord cleaned out the apartment, as it's been vacant all year. Last thing I need to do is cut that little shit up for not cleaning my crib up.

So yeah, I'll be getting loaded, while loading up the uhaul, and driving it all around town - all loaded.

One more thing, here's an awesome song:

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Rick The Stick said...

I am so pumped up to help move HYM into the new HYM offices that I prolly won't sleep tonight. Then when I get in my car @ 6am to make the drive up there, I am going to hit homeless people so I can get all the aggression out of my system. Then when I blast up the superhighway to make record time and descend upon Gainesville with a sonic boom... IT WILL BE ON!

You see? I'm so pumped, I just spouted gibberish. I am foaming at the mouth...if I had links to Strung Out or some other band right now, my head might explode.