Tuesday, July 21, 2009

dudes wanting to marry dudes

Damn, this is an old post, kind of a forgotten one, from the archives or something. Anyway, we were watching TV's 'The Bachelor' last night (and by 'last night', I mean months ago). I hit new lows everyday, lol. Anyway, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the premise:

1. Some shmuck has some horrible hidden quality that has prevented him from marrying a broad/finding true love.

2. A bunch of hot sluts come on the show, some get eliminated.

3. Said pudwhacker nails as many of these bitches as he can, before the show is over.

4. Drama ensues.

5. People watch this on convenient weekly episodes.

Yeah pretty lame, but the best part I have ever seen on this show, in the 4 -5 times I've actually seen it on TV, was when he was at the pool. omg he's so buff lol!

All the girls are hanging out in the pool, and he walks out and says something about 'I'm going to marry one of you guys'.

I don't know if he was talking to the film crew or what. Maybe the producers.

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