Friday, July 10, 2009

boners at work

Every post this week, except HUMP DAY PUMP UP, has been work related. And honestly, I couldn't have a HUMP DAY PUMP UP that's work related - CAUSE THAT WOULDN'T PUMP ME UP AT ALL.

Dude it's Friday, let's keep it light, as we here at heck yeah, man bring it home.

What better way to keep it light, then* BONERS AT WORK!?!?!?!

Ok, I'm not gonna write about boners at work, but I do have one of the worst stories ever, about paying rent. After that barnburner yesterday, I honestly have no idea how I can follow it up. So I'll just do my best, as I get you up to speed on a recent domestic happening at my spot.

At my crib.

At my home.

It was the first, or second; ok, it was the 3rd of the month, and rent was due a couple days ago. So there we are, heckyeahwoman & I, I & heckyeahwoman - sitting there with our checkbooks about to write out some checks, yo.

Rent is $679. A lot of times we just half it, but lately, I've been paying for a bigger chunk of it, as I make more money; and I'm awesome. That's fair, right? I offer up a check for $500, leaving her with $179.

Total: $679, we're good right?

Yeah. That was easy.

But something throws it off - she reminds me that UPS came earlier with my package - they left a note on the door (cause we were still sleeping lol), and the package is in the office. I don't know why, but I hate going to the office for my package. The landlord is really nice and everything, I don't know.

Out of nowhere, I blurt, "I'll do $550, instead of $500, if you go and get my package". WTF was I thinking.

With the fastest "OK" I've ever heard, heckyeahwoman replies affirmatively.

Not gonna lie, I pull a bitch-move and renig. "What is u smoking, trick, $50 to walk over to the office? Less than a block away? AW HELL NAW".

After about 20 minutes of playful bickering back and forth like children, I offer $20 cash. She's still holding out for the $50. I don't blame her.

Damn, it's already like 2:30; and I need to get to the gym. Finally on my way out, she offers me the final deal: She'll get my package, if I buy dinner tonight.

Jumping at this opportunity, "I except**, man".

U got hosed garl, I was gonna buy dinner tonight, anyway - CAUSE I ALWAYS BUY DINNER.

Sure enough, when I got home, there was my package, sitting there, in all of it's glory.

Oh, and I paid the water bill, too.

*lol, than
**haha, accept

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Anonymous said...

HYM proves skanks will do anything for money. Greedy biatches! No offense to your gal's future children since they may feel it's not true, when in fact they just won't know any better.