Monday, June 8, 2009

weekend wrap-up

It's Monday morning, and I had a pretty nice little weekend, there. I don't even know where to begin. I guess since the title of this post is "weekend wrap-up", that I can start with the beginning of the weekend.

Friday, I got off work at like 5 pm, not a second later. I was out the door, and in my car ready to get my swerve on, heck yeah. Man. The plan was to swing home, grab heckyeahwoman, run an errand, and hit happy hour. Oh boy, we hit happy hour...HARD. Homeboy was servin' the dranks, and we were drankin' the dranks. All the dranks.

But first we had to run an errand. Check this out, one of the local gyms was running a sweet deal that we couldn't pass up. So, uh, now, uh, I'm a member of 2 different gyms lol. This place we just joined offers a bunch of sweet yoga and pilates classes, so Ima be doing that like 2 nights a week or something. So we joined that shit, hit happy hour, grabbed some food to eat at home, and then we just watched a movie. Unfortunately we both fell asleep before it ended lol.

Woke up FUCKIN' EARLY on Saturday morning at like 10:45 to go to the bank. It's like, the bank has such shitty hours that I have to actually PLAN my trips there. Whatever, just as long as I'm there by noon, I'm good. No biggie, I had to wire some money. Lol, I never thought I'd see the day when I wire money. You know who wires money? Fuckin' big shot executives wire money. And I wired money.

After the bank, I came home, ate, and worked out furiously. That was brutal. Got back from the gym, took a nice cold shower, and waited for heckyeahwoman to get home so we could figure out what's up for dinner. Turns out, we went to this sushi restaurant, and neither of us ordered sushi. I got this bulgoki beef thing. It was pretty tasty, but when I got home, I had the most EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA I've ever had. EVER. I think the same thing happened last time we went there.

And now the fun starts. Since we didn't finish the movie last night, we watched the end, and just as I suspected, it was LAME. We both love playing this game called Catchphrase. It's a blast, so we sat down, and played a couple games of that. It's supposed to be with like a group of people, but I hate everybody, so it was just the 2 of us. Anyway, the game is like Charades mixed with Hot Potato. A word comes on the screen, and you have to describe it, and your partner has to guess it. The timer is beeping, until it finally goes off - whoever has it in their hands when it goes off, loses.

Anyway, heckyeahwoman goes first, and she gets a word. She's says a couple things I don't remember, and then she says, "you blow it". I immediately blurt out, "LOAD!".

The word was "trumpet".

My turn. I get a word, and say a few things trying to describe it; this thing is ticking pretty hard, you can tell it's about to go off. I gotta think quick. Feeling the pressure, I blurt out, "your uncle probably has one!".

She gives me a confused look that tells me she has no idea; Also, I don't know why I said that.


It goes off. I lose.

The word was "ulcer". I have no idea why I thought of her uncle.

We continue to play for another hour or so, and I say the word, that I'm actually trying to describe, about 3 times; and we have a hearty rofl over it, each time.

Jeez, this thing's getting long, and I haven't even totally finished up Saturday night, and we got all of the sabbath left. Oh well, that's the breaks.


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Good stuff HYM!

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