Thursday, June 18, 2009

thanks flo!

I didn't realize I was getting FUCKING HOSED on my car insurance, until I talked with a couple co-workers about it. This was right before a meeting we had, and so the whole meeting I was just sitting there, seething with rage.

All I could do was just sit there, boiling over with UNCONTROLLABLE VIOLENCE for the duration of the meeting. And then I had to sit through another hour and a half of work. It was mildly unpleasant, to say the least.

I just wanted to go home and right this wrong the only way I knew how: by finding a better deal (and killing somebody).

But I couldn't! Unfortunately the minute I got home, I had to change into my workout clothes and head over to a pilates class. Lol, more on that later this week. Or next week. Yeah, probably next week.

Either way, holy shit I was pissed. So finally Thursday rolls around, and I find time shop around online for new car insurance. I go through a couple online quotes, and finally I check out Progressive:

"You give me deal, trick. (god you're hot and I love you)".

"Okay you can get a deal!"

And get a deal I sure did.

It was easy!

I managed to cut my price in half, compared to what the assholes at INSURANCE WORLD OF GAINESVILLE were offering. They were such pricks. Then I called to ask about canceling, and then, just for fun, I asked for a better quote. The box manged to quote me $20 less; meanwhile, Progressive is hollerin' at me to the tune of $60 less. Fark yeah they were.

So you know what I did? I told Insurance World to cancel me asap motherfuckers, and I went ahead and signed up online with Progressive.

It's been awesome since.


Dus said...

God that Progressive girl is so hot, in like a weird, normal chick kind of way. She's always so peppy, yet down to earth, I just want to hold her hand or hug her for awhile.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i too want to hold her...down and give her some surprise sex