Friday, June 12, 2009

she had a flash of genius

Sorry about the confusion yesterday! But check this out, the other night yo estudio el espanol, and out of nowhere, heckyeahwoman brings up a great point:

She axed me one, "is there ever a time in the world where there is absolutely nobody crapping? Like, nobody anywhere, is pooping?"

This coming from a woman who is going to be Dr. Heckyeahwoman in a year. Yeah no kidding right, I was so impressed.

Think about it though, you know those statistics, like every however many minutes, a murder happens; or every 5 minutes or whatever, a car accident happens. I wonder what the frequency of dumping is.

How many steamers per minute are we talkin' here? How many dukes per hour?

How many here in Gainesville?

How many here in Florida?

How about in the United States?


Well, let's break it down, Gainesville has a population of roughly 111,000 people. Florida has just over 18 million people. The US contains over 304 million, while the the ENTIRE WORLD has a population of 763 zillion gajillion billion people. Just kidding, its actually closer to 6.7 billion. And if you ask me, that's about 6.7 billion people too many - but that's another story for another time, friendo.

Furthermore, aside from the sabbath, there are only 86,400 seconds in any given day. That's not a lot of time, to allow for a break in the worldwide flow of people-poopin'. If 1 person = 1 log (and that's being conservative), we're lookin' at like over 77,000 logs per second, worldwide.

The laws of probability certainly say there was, is, or will be a point when there is nobody eliminating - even if for the fastest split second.

Think about that for a minute the next time you're makin' your own personal stinky brown expulsion.

For a little clarification, let's see what Bart Simpson has to say:

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Dus said...

this was a little too much math for my brain on a saturday mornin', but i like where your head is at. Somethin' to ponder the next time i'm makin' brown.