Monday, June 22, 2009

just survin' these tough times, man

FML man, I was browsing and came across an article about how to haggle prices at stores. Like at the grocery store, department stores, boutiques, jewelry stores, among other places. The jist of the article was that you can haggle almost anywhere, you just have to know what you're doing, and follow a loose set of guidelines.

Some of the appropriate times to ask for a discount are when you're buying in bulk, when the product is on it's way out, when you pay in cash, and then I got to this one:

"when you're dropping a small fortune"

It get's worse, the article went on to elaborate exactly what a small fortune is (warning, wtf content below):

At high-end department stores, if you spend more than $15,000 or $20,000 in a single visit, you can usually get 20% off the entire purchase, Delilah said. "Stores that sell Christian Louboutin shoes (who? fuck you), you can say, 'These are very expensive. Is there any way you could give me something off?'" Delilah said. "In this economy, everybody's looking to crack a deal. If you're 'spending bank,' there's going to be more flexibility." (from

I don't know, I guess there's not really anything funny to be said about this, cause yeah, if you're spending $15 - 20k at one place, yeah, maybe you should get a discount. But then again, if you're spending $15 - 20k at one place, then you're probably buying like a dinosaur that shoots lasers out of its ass, or something. And at that point do you really need a discount?

Or maybe you're finally paying off your credit cards, you irresponsible fuck.

Hey, I hope everybody/all 4 of you had a great weekend!

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Dus said...

one time i drank 2 energy drinks at work, and i got so pumped and excited that when i went to the bathroom to take a leak, an actual laser shot out of my penis.