Wednesday, June 3, 2009


In past HUMP DAY PUMP UPS you may have noticed that we've gone soft. Not the case here, friends.

These brutal times we're livin' in require brutal music. And as we all know, brutal music is essential to everyday life. But just how essential is it? Real frikken essential.

With that in mind, lettuce enjoy some of the best brutality that music has to offer. Or some of the best music that brutality has to offer.

This new Napalm Death album is just so goddamn awesome. Think of it this way: aside from the farting, if my anus could talk when I'm releasing the brown stuff, it would sound like the singer in this band.

Pretty awesome, eh? Well I'm gonna take that all that awesome, and raise you one. This is easily one of my favorite Coalesce songs because well, because it's goddamn awesome.

The trifecta of PUMP ends with probably the most widely known Coalesce tune out there. It's called "You Can't Kill Us All"...if the Descendents wrote it, it might be called, "You Can't Kill Us, ALL". God, that was horrible. Whatever, just saying the name of the song could have been a HUMP DAY PUMP UP by itself.

Make this the best HUMP DAY EVER

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