Tuesday, June 16, 2009

droppin' a little knowldege

You may recall my last science post. I might have mentioned how I have the luxury of living with a real-life scientist. Not to mention, most of my friends are real scientists, too.

What this means, is that I'm always learning these big scientific words, and all these neat scientific principles. Anyway, I feel it's my duty to share some of these scientific nuggets with you.

So when heckyeahwoman wasn't looking, I stole some of her science. I hope she doesn't mind. Here, check it out:

Notice on this graph here, she incorporated both science AND physics. Towards the top of the graph, you'll see the word "thermodynamic". This is a scientific word that comes from the Greek "thermos", which means "that which keeps liquids, like coffee, hot". And the second part of the word, "dynamic", is Latin. That word means "great complementary word to 'thermos'".

Any time the word "relationship" is used in a scientific context, it means "cause and effect", or if you want to sound more scientific, "causal". It's a very important word, and it's very important to use it when you have 2 or more things, like the 2 lines on this graph.

Next, we have the word "critical". I'm sure most of you have used this word, in some of it's other forms, especially prevalent when describing music: crucial, cr00sh, br00sh, etc. The word "mass" refers to the East coast state, Massachusetts. When put together, "critical mass" basically just means, "a very important something from Boston*".

Well, what does this all mean? I think it's pretty obvious: as two variables increase both scientifically and in physics, in a thermodynamic relationship, they're going to reach critical mass at the intersection of 6351 scientific units and 5732 physics units. Pretty simple stuff, eh.

*Obviously this does not include Boston sports fans, as there's nothing important about them. lol sorry


I am Pooping said...

Can these scientific and physics units be converted to Eastwoods? If so how many Eastwoods are we talking about here?

God said...

The intersection of 6351 scientific units and 5732 physics units has a traffic light that takes FOREVER. I just usually take John 3:16 over to Faithville. It's soooo much easier.