Friday, May 22, 2009

my gym > your gym

Most gyms have a bunch of big-ass flat screen TVs. Mine doesn't. You got people watching channels like MTV or VH1, with shows like Rock of Love, Grey's Anatomy, and other lame-ass shows.

It used to be, I'd go to the gym and fire up my mp3 player. Well, in fact, I actually still do. But a couple months ago, the gym got a TV. A sweet flat screen TV.

Man, nothing pumps me up while I'm killing myself on the treadmill, like The George Lopez Show reruns. Man, that wife and daughter are so goddamn hot.

The first day they got the TV, I was there. It was awesome. They plugged it in, the owner fudged around with it for a minute, and all of a sudden, PLATOON was on TV. I was at the gym, working out, watching PLATOON.


Naturally, we talked about what other awesome movies should be shown, non-stop. My suggestions were: that last Rambo movie, Full Metal Jacket, and Freddy Got Fingered. All badass movies.

So yeah, that's been pretty sweet. But the other day, 2 dudes were arguing over what to watch. One pudwhacker wanted to watch Star Trek, lol. The other schmuck wanted to watch golf. Are you kidding?


Star Trek?

At the gym?

And I thought I was bad for watching The George Lopez Show.

Oh yeah, lol

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