Tuesday, March 31, 2009

went to a concert a few weeks ago

However, this was a different concert than that other one I recently went to, you remember, right - the one where I detailed a specific bathroom encounter? Since the big hullabaloo from my U2 comments a week or two ago, I thought it would be a nice gesture if I would go see them when they came through Florida recently.

With all you Heck Yeah, Man readers in mind, I took a few pictures to share.

The Edge

Boner, err...Bonor....uuuhhh, Bono.

Imagine my surprise, when special guest Bruce Springstein came on stage to do a couple numbers with the band! It was great!

"The Boss", everybody:

The show was great, but The Boss coming out really put it over the top. What a great live musical concert experience!


Steve_Kerr said...

looks like an amazing show

Cauliflower Ear said...

That is goddam priceless. And PUMPED ME THE F*CK UP!!

Nice work HYM!

Stupid Motherfuckers said...

Steve's a fucking retard if he thinks that was a real goddam concert.


Attackfrog said...

You were right the first time: u2 does suck... And you know what? So does Europe. Can you do a blog about how gay europe is?