Thursday, March 19, 2009

the suggestion box

A couple weeks ago at work, I received an email stating that we now have a company suggestion box.

A couple weeks later I received an email about how we've had the suggestion box up for a couple weeks, and haven't received any suggestions.

I took it up on myself to remedy that.

About a day later, I got an email from HR saying that "MOTHERFUCKIN TITEEZ IN MY FUCKIN FACE" is not a valid suggestion...and to please, "refrain from vulgar suggestions in the future".

Later that week, another email was sent out, reiterating the purpose of the suggestion box, and that in the future, any profanity will result in disciplinary action.

I have since held off on any future usage of the suggestion box.


Macaca said...

I know you got some other choice suggestions to clean up this poor excuse of a workplace

Susan said...

that was short. did you get it done just in time for coffee break?

Tall Dude said...

As a former co-worker, I would submit the following "suggestions" for you to consider:

• BLOW THE FUCKING BUILDING UP AND MOVE TO A BETTER LOCATION - that place is a piece of shit and is nothing more than a warehouse.
• Trim the fat - get rid of the deadbeats (AKA everyone not HYM)
• Give HYM a raise.
• Have bikini Friday's - invitation only.
• One-on-one's with HYM's boss including lap dances.
• Implants for women - invitation only. Lipo in most cases.
• Muzzles for the noisy people - or the one's that just won't shut the fuck up.

There are just a few. Hope these are worth considering.