Friday, March 27, 2009

the photoshoot

So a few months ago I went to the gym all ready to get my swell on. You know how I roll: all swole and jacked and tan.

By the time I get to the gym I'm all hopped up on mocha crappuchino flavored protein, and like 6 lines of blow.

Next thing I know, I'm warming up on the bike ready to kill it. Like really fuckin' kill it. Like nuke the shit outta my legs and then go do some pull ups, type of kill it.

So one of the dudes that works at the gym tells me they're taking some pics for the sweet new website. Being the vain asshole that I am, I'm all about it yo. So there's like 6 of us, including one of the owners, all gathered around a bench. You know, just six dudes hanging out at the gym - all swole - getting their pictures taken.

No big deal.

The dude taking the pics is a professional photographer, homeboy had umbrellas, flashes, and all kinds of pro type stuff. Shoot, he had bigger guns than I did. Shoulda been him in the pics, and me taking the pictures.

Most of the dudes are like legit bodybuilders, and then there's me.

Whatever, my forearms looked ridiculous.

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deez_nutz said...

this blog made my cock get swole on