Monday, March 23, 2009

a bathroom encounter

So check this shit out, the other night I was at a concert. Oh sorry, it was a gig, or maybe a 'show'. Whatever, it was free. It was also this band. Lookout, they're blowin' up. Not the kind of blowin' up I'd like to see you do, though. I'd like to see you literally blow up. I don't know, like with a grenade or something. Moving on...

So we meet up with some friends and we're havin' a few beers before the band comes on. After a few beers, you know what comes next...I gots to go potty yo. Yeah, even professional bloggers need to pee.

So I creep into the men's room and there's some dude waiting for one of the two occupied urinals and single stall; I give him the what's up nod.

He gives me one back.

I wait for a second, and it hits me - that's the guitarist for The Gaslight Anthem. OMFG!!!! Somehow, I manage to keep my composure, lol. Finally, one of the dudes at the urinal leaves, and I give him the go ahead nod, cause he was there before me... "it's all you", I tell him as I point to the vacated urinal.

"I'm waiting for that one", he says, as he points to the lone stall in the baffroom. And a brief, hesitant smile follows. I could tell from that smile, he really had to shit. Bad.

Keeping my rofls to myself, I head to the urinal and prepare to pee, while thinking about the swamp-ass this guys gonna have while he's jumping around on stage in about a half hour. Anyway, So i'm sitting there just pissin' my brains out, and you'll never guess who walks up to the empty urinal right next to me...

Yep, it's the bassist for the band.

How crazy is this? By now, the guitarist is on my right, in the stall, shitting his brains out like his life depends on it; and the bassist is on my left, just urinating like a goddamn free spirit.

I do my business, WASH MY HANDS CAUSE I'M NOT A FILTHY FUCKING ANIMAL, and leave. The band goes on, they play a great set, and lot's of fun is had. After the show, there were a couple other highlights that I'm saving for another blog, on another day.

As it turns out, the guitarist must have had some pretty severe swamp-ass, because he pretty much remained still for most of the night, lol.

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