Tuesday, February 9, 2010

unsolved mystery / murder tv shows

You ever watch those TV shows about a seemingly unsolved mystery, or murder, or something? I'm thinking of that stupid one on E!, I think it's called E! Investigates. I guess they were investigating some crazy murders or something. Being like the only show on that channel not about celebrities, it was pretty decent.

Somebody gets murdered or killed, usually like somebody's wife or husband. Of course, there's a suspect, and usually it's the other spouse.

No matter who it is, or what happens, the TV show always makes it all dramatic.

There's always an interview with the victim's parents, who "knew all along that it was him (or her)". And then they'll start recounting weird things about the relationship, that for a normal person, would have no bearing on whether or not they murdered their spouse. Like "yeah, he always did get up a little early, I always thought that was a little weird". Or, "oh yeah, I remember, he always liked his steak really well done".


I was watching this one, and the parent whose son was killed said, "god has been good to us", when the ex-wife got convicted on very sketchy evidence. Was God good to you when your son WAS KILLED?

Okay, I'm not that up on my bible studies, but these dipshits are essentially thanking God - for revenge. I don't know, I went to Catholic School for like 3 years when I was like 7, and the one thing I got out of it (other than that Sister Theresa was a bitch, and that she always yelled at me for picking my nose in class), was that God loves everybody, and that he doesn't really do that whole justice and revenge thing.

Lol @ God only being good to some people, and not others.


Let's apply this to more real life situations:

-God was good to me when I got in that car accident, and now, instead of my brains, my sister's are splattered all against the windshield. Thanks God, preesh!

Anyway, we got a little off track - then the show cuts to the shot of the victim's parents congratulating the prosecutor, for ruining a most likely innocent person's life. I'm surprised the victim's family didn't have one of those foam fingers that football fans have, a cooler fulla beer, and jerseys on, the way they were cheering over the guilty verdict.

The first thing I thought was, "I'm glad your son died, you heartless pieces of shit".

The evidence was so sketchy, like I think it was just one (1) witness saying the couple had been in a fight the night the son died. And then the son wound up dying in like an automobile accident, or something totally not murder. And then they show the convicted wife's family crying and losing it and shit. Like this is real life. Well, for them it was.

If that happened to me, I'd probably just lose it and start shooting everybody.

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Tampa Dude Yo said...

"yeah, he always did threaten to lose it and 'start shooting everybody', at the end of his blog posts, I always thought that was a little weird"