Monday, January 19, 2009

merry christmas brother

So I have a brother. He even reads my blog sometimes. Thanks brother!

We're both into working out, and blasting our pecs and stuff. He's bigger than I am. Yeah, down there too.

Often times for either Xmas or my birthday he'll buy me supplements for working out. Most of these supps come with directions for use on the label. However, he always includes his own directions for me; you know so I don't overdose and have my head explode or something awesome.

He wouldn't steer me wrong would he? Nah, I trust him.

So this Xmas he gets me something called like NITRO BLASTER or POWER HOUR or something, I don't know - I can't remember. The packaging is big, red, shiny, and just by looking at it, I can tell it's gonna get me jacked. All I know is that it's a pink powder that you mix with water and slam before a brutal workout.

So that's what I do.

People at the gym see me drinking this pink radioactive looking substance, and ask me what the hell I'm drinking - and I have no idea, so I just say, 'some stuff my brother bought me'.

My theory is that my brother buys me these supps so he can see how they work with me. If it produces favorable results, he'll probably pick them up. If like, I grow another arm or something, he'll probably still pick some up. Cause having another arm would be totally sweet. Hey, just another arm to lift with. Whats up.

But if, like, I get a terrible case of diarrhea and get IBS, well, he'd still probably try 'em out. However, if the supps made my head explode or like if they made my face melt (like what I do to people when I'm wailing on my guitar right in their fuckin' faces), then he'd probably pass on those particular supps.

No biggie.

I've taken the current stuff about 5 times now, without dying. I think I'm good.


Ken Drab said...

Don't let Nate near those supps. Tin foil, lighter, energy remember the scene...

Steve_Kerr said...

I was worried how this blog was going to end. Glad your head didn't explode.