Thursday, January 15, 2009

i almost died, but then i didn't

The other day at the gym I was getting ready to blast my lats with some pull-ups. You know what I mean; you see me and my barndoor lats having troubles fitting through doors.

Yeah you know what's up.

Back to the story, anyway, I'm warming up and whatever all up on the lat pull down machine. I get in one good set of warm ups, and go over to talk to some dude that needs talkin' to. We chat for a minute, and as I'm creeping back to hit a few more sets, I see another dude heading for the same spot.

Oh shit.

Nuh - uh.

It's about to go down y'all.

Yeah, except for one thing...this was a big ass dude. Like 'slap me around and call me Sally' big. Whatever, the dudes there are nice, it's cool. We can work this out. We're all adults here. Well except for me. I just look like one. A muscular, good looking adult.

I mumble something about " dude bro man brohamulous, I'm on this, but if you want to jump in go for it".

His response? A commanding, "I was on this."

I'm thinking, "oh snap, if I can survive the beatdown this dude is about to give me, I can make a blog!"

And with out hesitating he replies, "Nah, it's cool - I was just grabbing my water that I left over here."

That's right motherfucker.

So I finished my warm-up sets, and pounded out about a thousand pull-ups.