Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hump day pump up v2.0

After the success of the first hump day pump up, I thought it might be a good idea to continue this tradition.

I'm gonna lay it out here for you: I want to pump you up with the strength of 10,000 boners.

Strife blistered

Yes, you can tell by the embedded video I have sunk to the low of trolling myspace for awesome videos. The things I do for you.

You know what the sick thing is? None of you even like the awesome videos I post lol.

Anyway, before you decide to not watch this awesome - guaranteed to pump you up - video, ask yourself a few questions:

Do I want to be pumped up?
Do I want to be pumped up with the strength of 10,000 boners?
Do I want to be pumped up to the level of 10,000 pumped up boners?
Can I even handle that?

If you answer yes, yes, yes, and lol, then you're good to go!

Have an awesome hump day!


kdrab said...

Couple of things:

First, I don't want to talk boners with you.

Second, how did you know I don't like your videos you post? That's totally freaky. Get out of my head man dot blogspot dot com.

Third 10,000 boners? Personally, I'll pass.

Although I imagine it's like running backwards through a field of boners - the long awaited single from Sawtooth...

I'm still pumped up though! Thanks HYM!

deez_nutz said...

deez nutz knows whats up, he keeps it true while strife sold out

Steve_Kerr said...

I listened to that cd at work the other day. OFFICE CASUALTIES!